The site was an attempt to critically review the pricing methods used by enterprises in practice.
The main problems of cost, market-based and parametric methods of pricing in terms of obtaining the greatest profit are listed. It is shown that the application of these methods leads to the appointment of nonoptimal prices.
In addition, the concept of elasticity, and those recommendations that are given based on it, are considered separately. It is shown that at a steady market, where the purpose of business is profit, there would be no goods with stiff price (with elasticity greater than one).

Formulation of the problems of pricing


Pricing for different types of markets:

  • Monopoly
  • Oligopoly
  • Polipoli


The choice of pricing:


  • Pricing on the method of "cost-plus profit"
  • Pricing based on the level of current prices
  • Pricing based on an analysis of break-even and target profit
  • Pricing based on perceived value


Pricing of new product:


  • Pricing on the genuine novelty
  • Pricing for new product-simulator


Pricing in the commodity nomenclature

Pricing geographical

Pricing discount and credits






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